Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lovely Squishy Corriedale

I have a secret shame. I don't think Merino wool is the one and only king of sheep fiber anymore. (Gasp!) Here's the thing, ever since I started wanting to learn to spin, people have told me that merino is the softest, has the finest micron count and is the best wool to spin. They said that I should start on other fiber and then work up to Merino. For months now I have been gathering bits of Merino roving like gold and hoarding them. Then something happened.

One day I was on, again, and came across Sunset Fibers. There are the most delicious rovings listed there and my fingers itched to be spin
ning some of them. One thing held me back though. She didn't have any Merino listed at all at the time. How could it be? In fact, one of her listings even said that she "preferred Corriedale over Merino"! Could I have found a spinning miscreant, a breaker of the rules, a fiber delinquent? The answer is most emphatically, YES and with good reason.

She hand paints her fibers and then sends them off to be processed by a mill of her choice. The result is an exquisitely divine roll of fluff that just melts into yarn effortlessly. I spun up four ounces last night of the February fiber of the month and am now the proud owner of 160 yards of 2-ply gorgeousness. I still need to wash it but will post pictures after I do as it fluffs up quite a bit after the twist sets. Even before a wash it is soft and just begs me to
pet it. Actually I need to go squoosh it right back.

To tide you over, here are some pictures of some of her fiber before and after being spun. This was the first fiber I ever got from her.

I just made a lovely neck warmer with this and it's gorgeous. I'll have to get a picture of it too. For now, I say goodnight to you and sweet dreams.


Feeling Sheepish said...

I'll let you in on a secret - I think I prefer Corriedale, as well. It drafts so effortlessly, and I can get a squooshy, floofy, even yarn every time. And I love the little 'halo' effect it has - just the tiniest little guard hairs. AWESOME. :)

I ADORE the yarn you spun - you should post pictures of the neckwarmer, too!