Friday, January 14, 2011

Nothing in Particular, Just Everything

It's been kinda hard to get motivated today. Not, that I haven't done anything, but it just feels like I haven't. It's just one of those Winter days here.

The dishes are done. Several batches of wool have been dyed this morning. Chase and I had fun out in the backyard. Well, he had fun while I threw the ball and wondered if I'd ever be able to feel my hands again. The cat and I had some cuddle time as well, until I remembered that I saw a worm on him last night and that pretty much grossed me out too much to continue with the session.

The vet has been called about that little situation this morning as well. Mr. Yarn Geek is stopping by there on his way home from work to pick up a "little something special" for our Mr. Scotty Cat. He's also picking up a bigger "little something" for the dog because Chase thinks that the little presents the cat leaves in the litter box are delectable. So gross.

This morning is also sad for me because I found out that one of the ladies that I clean for passed away on Tuesday. Her husband called to tell me that I'd have to reschedule cleaning for next Tuesday because family is going to be in town. I said my usual "Oh, OK." and then he just casually mentioned her funeral and then he realized that I didn't know she had died. I could just hear the big, "Oops!" going off in his head as I tried, unsuccessfully, not to cry. That just made him feel bad and that made me feel bad. It just turned into a big awkward thing on the phone that left me apologetic and tripping over myself to hang up so I could have a good cry.

Yes, I know, it's one of those things that just happens now. She's not in any more pain. It doesn't even really come as a surprise as she has been sick for a really long time. I can even forgive her husband for sounding relieved over the phone because I know that my family has been in a similar situation in the past. It's not like anyone wanted her to die, but now she's sleeping and that is more comfortable than she was alive.

The dog seems to know something is up because he keeps trying to stick his head in my lap. He's looking up at me with his big brown puppy eyes and licking my arms. Ugh, just remembered where that tongue has been. Well, it felt like warm fuzzy puppy love for a second there. He knows how to get me moving doesn't he?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nifty New Site for Teaching, Cool!

I just signed up on which is a nifty little site I heard about on Facebook today. It allows people who have certain skills, such as mad spinning skills like me, to be found by other people who want to learn said skills. I signed up as a crochet, knitting, and spinning instructor. We'll see how it goes.

When you sign up you can customize your page with as little or as much information as you would like. Decide what you want to teach and then make a class listing with a short description and the price you would like to be paid. Make arrangements for how you would like to be paid and then go to the calendar and set up times you are available. You can upload pictures and other resources for people to look at to help them decide if you are the teacher for them. Pretty nifty right?!

To learn more about Betterfly, click on the Betterfly widget to the right. Now to wait for my first student...maybe it's you?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dog and Rabbit and Cat OH MY!

A few months ago we adopted a cat named Scotty from a friend who passed away. He's a 7 year old cream tabby cat with light orange stripes from head to toe. For the first month he hid under our bed and only came out for food and to use the potty. To get to those two things he had to pass through Mr. Willie Rabbit's territory. It seems that little bunnies are big and scary to Scotty because every time he goes through there and Wille rushes out to say "Hello," the cat runs for the hills.

Now that he's been here 2 months he has decided to start venturing downstairs into the dog's domain. Chase the Chocolate Lab is very interested in the new addition to our family. It is a testament to his good training that he has, for the most part, not chased the kitty. Well, he hasn't chased him very far that is. We call the dog back and he usually stops. This has made Scotty into a much braver kitty. The past few evenings he has even come to us in the living room for some love and cuddles.

I guess Mr. Kitty has decided that he loves Mr. Yarn Geek the most out of everyone who lives in our house. A few mornings ago he delivered a freshly killed, partially disemboweled mouse to my hubby's side of the bed to prove his undying love and affection. This morning another, more intact, dead mouse showed up in our bedroom doorway. The thing is that I, Mrs. Yarn Geek, am the one who gets to clean up the grizzly mess. Mr. Yarn Geek is a little squeamish when it comes to such things. Ah, such passionate kitty love is rarely returned with as much enthusiasm as it is given.