Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving Day and the Aftermath

Well well...So I have once again neglected this blog horribly. This time hubby and I have been occupied buying our very first house, and then moving into said house. We had quite a few wonderful and kind friends who volunteered to help us move all our stuff. One of them likened our apartment to a clown car, stuff just kept coming out long after it should have. I wish I had pictures of the before and after, but I was so frazzled that no pictures were taken, at least by me. My friend will be bailing me out later though as she took quite a few. Whew!

We closed last Thursday, then packed up the apartment and moved this past weekend. True, there are a few things still left there, like bunnies, but we should be completely out by the end of the month. Our new fridge arrived last Friday and we expectantly watched as the delivery guys hefted it up the porch stairs. After about half an hour of grunting and trying two different doors the sad truth reared it's ugly head. The fridge was one-half inch too wide to fit through the door. Grr. So we had to drive an hour to the nearest place to buy appliances and select another fridge. That one arrived today and graciously slid right into place. Whew again.

We decided to leave Willie and Gidget at our old place until we get the kitchen cleared or boxes and trash since they will be staying in there mostly. We hope it will be less traumatic for them to be by themselves at the apartment for a few days rather than at the house with all the moving of boxes and furniture.

I felt bad this morning when we went over to feed our bunnies. I found them huddled between the only piece of furniture left, a plant stand, and a few empty boxes. (They do still have their hutch, but they don't like to stay in it.) They keep running from where the couch used to be to where the kitchen table used to be, which were their favorite hiding places.

As far as we could tell, there had not been any excessive shedding of newspaper or cardboard. Of course, the apartment looks like it's been blown up with all the pet hair, wadded up newspaper packing and cardboard boxes lying around. Gidget could have ripped up an entire week's worth of paper and I probably wouldn't have known any better. We hope to have the "family" all back together in a few days. I already miss their little bunny antics. I haven't seen a binky in days.

Bob has to go back to work tomorrow, which he is actually looking forward to. I have the morning off, not that I'll unpack many boxes, but at least I'll be able to sleep in. Ah homeownership is sweet sweet bliss.