Friday, June 12, 2009

Willie is a Disappoving Rabbit!

I submitted a picture of Willie to the people at the Disapproving Rabbits website last week and today they featured him as "Dust Bunny's Revenge". I'm pretty excited about it, but Willie couldn't care less, as usual. In fact I'm pretty sure that he is now actually disapproving of his "fifteen minutes of fame".

The picture is a result of my trying to catch him taking a nap by the vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, I woke him up and got a steely-eyed bunny glare instead of the extreme cuteness I was going for. He was all like, "How dare you disturb my bunny slumber! Now your vacuum cleaner must pay...again." In truth, I think most of the chewing was done by Gidget, but we all know he backs her up on everything.


CrochetBouquet said...

Such a cute picture ! He does look like he just woke up ! Thanks for making me smile !!